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Hunter started providing innovative irrigation products in 1981. Its first product was a compact landscape sprinkler called the PGP or the Professional Gear-Driven Pop-up and has since then continued to manufacture and offer a wide range of irrigation products including rotors, sprays, nozzles, valves, controllers, and weather stations.

Today, the company is known as one of the leading brands in irrigation products, offering innovative sprinkler technologies to homeowners, business owners, irrigation professionals & contractors, and golf courses.
Irrigation Products 

  Rotors – Quality, reliability and innovative features in its rotors allow Hunter to set the benchmark in irrigation product standards in the industry. Its rotor models include residential and commercial applications, I- series and ST System.

  Nozzles – Hunter nozzle products include 5 different models that include the MP Rotator, Pro Adjustable Nozzles, Pro Fixed Nozzles, Specialty Nozzles, and Bubblers & Bubbler Nozzles.

  Spray Bodies – Homeowners and entrepreneurs have the choice of Pro-Spray PRS30, Pro-Spray PRS40, PS Ultra and Pro-Spray.

  Controllers – Hunter offers a wide array of smart controller products with power-saving solutions. Smart controller models include the X-Core, PCC, Pro-C, I-Core, Dual for I-Core, ACC, ACC-99D Decoder, Node, WVP/WVC, XC Hybrid, ICD- HP, and Pump Start Relay.

  Sensors – Hunter’s Smart Control Technology allows the creation of weather- based adjustments, ET, and other types to reduce, if not totally eliminate wasteful use of water. Hunter sensor models are composed of the Solar SYNC, ET System, Rain-Click, Mini-Click, Mini-Weather Station, Wind- Click, Flow- Click, Flow Sync, and Freeze- Click.

  Valves – Due to the importance of your irrigation valves, Hunter ensured that it provides you with a broad- range of models to make you choose what fits your needs and preferences best. Valve models from Hunter include SRV, PGV, PGV Jar-Top, PGV, ASV, ICV, IBV, ACCU-SYNC, and Quick Couplers.

  Other Products – There is also a wide range of other products that make Hunter a one-stop shop in irrigation products and solutions. These include Remotes, Central Control, Irrigation Accessories, and Tools.

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